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Many people who are shopping for a vehicle are interested in replacing their current car, truck or SUV. Those car buyers are really trying to accomplish two separate things – they need to shop around for a car to buy and find the best way to get the most value out of their current vehicle.

You basically have two options for getting rid of a vehicle – sell it or trade it in to the dealership where you’re buying your used vehicle. The value of your trade in will be deducted from the purchase of the car you want to buy. You essentially get the value of your current car as a discount.

The Benefits of Trading In Your Car

There trade-in route has several advantages over a private sale.

Starting the process is easy. You simply go to a dealership and have your vehicle appraised. You do not have to deal with many of the hassles of trying to make a private sale, like marketing your own car and dealing with prospective buyers. If you accept the dealership’s trade-in offer, all you have to do is sign the title over. If you have an auto loan or there are lienholders on the title, the dealership can handle all the logistics of cleaning it.

Trade In Your Vehicle at Easterns Automotive

Let Easterns Automotive simplify your car selling and car buying process by trading in your vehicle to one of our dealerships. Give Easterns a call today at 888-650-4775 or visit one of our conveniently located dealerships in the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas.

Dealerships Are Safe and Have Reputations to Protect

A dealership has an incentive to act in good faith and give car shoppers and car sellers a good deal since their reputation is on the line with every customer transaction. Private car sellers and buyers don’t have those same concerns.

There’s also no guarantee for safety when you meet potential buyers for test drives or inspections, but you can trust a dealership to treat you with respect.

Determine Your Car’s Value

Determining what your car is worth requires observation of the market, comparing your vehicle to similar cars, trucks and SUVs and performing an honest appraisal. Your trade-in value will be based on:

  • Vehicle age
  • Mileage
  • Maintenance and care
  • Condition
  • Demand in the marketplace

Do some research online by looking through dealership inventories or looking up private sales for similar vehicles.  If you have kept up with maintenance and your car is running well, you are likely to get a better value.

How to Get the Best Trade-In Value

Provide maintenance documentation that proves your vehicle has been well maintained while you’ve owned.

Wash and detail your car before trading it in, but don’t go overboard on refurbishment. One of the benefits of trading in a vehicle instead of selling it privately is that there’s less concern over little things like appearance. It still matters, just not quite as much.

The estimated cost of repairs and maintenance required to make your car sellable will come out of the trade-in value of your car. Don’t pay for repairs before your trade in your car unless you’re sure you’ll recoup the cost in better valuation.

For example, don’t put $300 into new tires if it’ll only increase the trade-in value by $200. If your vehicle is going to be auctioned off for scrap, then it likely doesn’t make sense to put any money into repairs.

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