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Helping Hands: Sarah’s Circle

As soon as the lowest-income seniors in Washington get the call that they can move to Sarah’s Circle, they know it will change their lives. Most of the people who come to Sarah’s Circle come from unfortunate and unsafe places.

“We’ve been homeless. Where we were living was very dangerous. Sometimes you step outside, and you were afraid. Now I step outside I’m not afraid any more. Thank God,” said D.C. resident Joe Boomer.

Sarah’s Circle provides affordable housing for low-income seniors in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. The renovated building allows seniors to thrive independently, and to help prevent food insecurity, the organization also offers hot meals to the community and more.

According to Sarah’s Circle Executive Director Jessica Petro, the organization plans to expand to other neighborhoods since waiting lists are hundreds and hundreds deep.

Easterns Automotive Group saw Sarah’s Circle Story as part of 7News On Your Side’s Helping Hands initiative last year, and they were moved by the organization’s mission. They were surprised with this message from Joel Bassam at Easterns Automotive Group.

“What is there not to say about Sarah’s Circle? You guys support low-income seniors in every way imaginable. Housing, nutrition, health, and exercise, it’s simply incredible. We want to support your mission to help those in need by donating $2,000 to your cause. Continue doing the amazing work you’re doing,” Bassam said.

Petro and the residents at Sarah’s Circle were blown away by the generosity and are looking forward to how the money will enrich the good work being done there.

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