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Pay It Forward | Seeing i2i

When it comes to Americans, there isn?t much that separates those old and young besides their age. The age gap actually allows for different conversations and various perspectives to be shared. This is exactly what Anjali Patel from Manassas, Virginia set out to teach her own kids as well as other local children. Patel created a non-profit organization by the name of Seeing i2i that pairs young students with a group of seniors to converse, engage, and eventually be friends. This is all done with the help of technology. Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group teamed up to Pay It Forward to Patel and her incredible organization.

The idea to create the non-profit stemmed from Patel?s children enjoying the time that they spent with their grandparents. She knew then that their was something special about that bond that was appreciated by both parties. Patel took it upon herself to create a website to test out on her neighborhood. The kids that participated enjoyed talking to their elders and wanted to do it more. With the help of technology, kids who currently participate are able to Skype residents at the Holiday Retirement Manassas Senior Living at the Fairmont. The seniors have adapted to using Skype and actually enjoy it. They get to engage with people of different backgrounds and talk about all aspects of life and have fun during the process. All it really takes is a few minutes to make a person?s day.

Eaterns and Fox 5 DC came together to Pay It Forward to Patel and Seeing i2i by gifting them Amazon Fire tablets so that they will be able to continue communicating with the seniors via Skype. They also donated gift cards to help plan an upcoming party that can bring the two age groups together.

Easterns Automotive Group has partnered with FOX 5 DC to help honor people in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community who go above and beyond the call. If you know someone worthy if being recognized, Click Here to nominate them.

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